Triple Pack

Why decide when you can have all three!! Mango Passion Bliss, Pink Grapefruit and Lime & Mint organic sugar scrub set. 

Mango Passion Bliss:
A delicious blend of Mango, Passionfruit, and Orange oil! Just in time for summer. Your skin will be silky smooth and tropically tantalising!

Lime & Mint Body Detox:
Awaken and refresh tired skin with our delicious blend of spearmint and cold pressed lime essential oils. With organic raw and coconut sugar goodness, and natural coconut and jojoba oil for wonderfully refreshed and detoxed skin.

Pink Grapefruit:
Invigorate, Smooth and Sweeten your skin with our blend of organic, raw and coconut sugar goodness infused with cold pressed pink grapefruit and orange oils, plus natural coconut and jojoba oil for silky smooth and glowing skin.


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